Providence Velo Club

For over 10 years we have been the definitive cycling club in Providence. This year our connection with this community runs even deeper both with our members as well as our sponsors. With one of our primary sponsors, Casters bike, coming to Hope Street, the East Side with be the epicenter of Cycling for Rhode Island.

We're looking for partners for next year. At the most basic level sponsors have their company logo on the jersey and/or shorts, links to the buniess are place on our website, and we maintain an active role in promoting your business to cyclists and others. We take our sponsors commitment very seriously and see it as a voice of support to cycling.

Providence Velo Club was started around twelve years ago by Chris Hinds. Chris avoided trying to make a program to dominate the local racing scene, rather to build a fraternity of racers in Providence, RI. If you look through our ranks, you'll find graduate students, musicians, artists, doctors, professors, scientists, parents, and spouses. Busy people who make time to train, race, and advocate for cycling in our community.

The last 4 seasons we have raced as Refunds Now. For 2010-11 we're getting back to our roots as Providence Velo Club and will be racing in new kits.

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